About Us

“Building North America’s most advanced crypto mining systems with immersion cooling and thermal heat exchange technology.”

About Cryptotherm

Paving the way for next generation cooling and heat transfer requirements for the digital economy

At the core CryptoTherm is an organization made up of people who are dedicated to the growth and success of sustainable North American Bitcoin mining. 

We design mobile mining infrastructure that can be deployed in both urban and rural locations allowing our customers to geographically target there mining operations where surplus low cost power exists. 

The CryptoTherm team has been leveraging immersion bitcoin mining since 2017, initially focusing on monetizing the heat created through bitcoin mining in industrial heating applications.

Our products and services all have a singular focus, to help our customers minimize their mining start up capital requirements, and minimize down time and operational costs.

About Our Team

Bringing Higher Quality to Crypto

The CryptoTherm team has a shared passion for Crypto mining and decentralized finance. Each of the team members come from diverse backgrounds with expertise in thermal engineering, fluid dynamics, and manufacturing.

Austin Bank

Austin has been immersion mining since 2017. Austin has been designing and building liquid cooling and heating systems in a variety of industries since 2005. With a solid trades and engineering background Austin has designed and built an extensive amount of immersion mining systems as small as household single miner heating systems to large multiple megawatt mining farms. Austin has a passion for energy capture and reuse and has designed and implemented dozens of cogen trigen and solar power/heating systems across north america. Austin currently operates the manufacturing facility for Cryotherm in Canada.

Jessica Roseboom

After spending a decade working in roles such as Property Manager, Chief Financial Officer, & Land Development Coordinator, Jessica has transitioned into the crypto and manufacturing sector, bringing her savvy financial and management skills to the crypto table. Jessica has been instrumental in a plethora of multi-million dollar deals through a variety of startups and business ventures.