Heat Management

The First Law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. That means that all the energy generated by mining bitcoin cannot simply vanish. Instead, that energy is turned into heat.

Managing heat exhaustion from bitcoin mining machines, or ASICs, is a key part of miner operations maintenance. Miners typically choose between an air cooling or immersion cooling system. Immersion cooling systems are extremely more efficient at moving heat away from miners than air cooled systems, especially at scale.

CRYPTOVAULT - Industrial, Modular, Secure

Built to perform in the harshest of environments, this immersion-cooled industrial grade unit is comprised of 14 individual housing tanks with 18 miner capacity per tank. The system is housed in a 40' steel container. Immersion overclocking firmware available to significantly increase system hash rate and reduce length of ROI (up to 35% Th increase with Antminer S19J Pro’s). Includes industrial cooler, networking, racks, tubs, electrical, pumps, heat exchangers, and CTcool immersion fluid.

Online Product Preview

Tour through an online technical breakdown of the flagship Cryptotherm rig.

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