Building North America's most advanced digital asset mining systems with immersion cooling and thermal heat exchange technology.


Next Generation Mining.

A thermodynamics solution to crypto mining

Digital asset mining has offered new opportunities in this digital age for individuals and businesses to create cash-flow streams of income. The dilution of fiat currency and the current economic landscape has propelled the crypto space into unprecedented worldwide adoption. And we believe it is here to stay.​


Mining crypto is an extremely power-intensive operation. When mining devices use power to validate transactions and secure the network, waste heat is generated and released into the environment.

Cryptotherm offers liquid cooling solutions for those seeking advanced ASIC and GPU mining systems that are more efficient, make less noise, run cooler, and last longer than traditional air mining. 


Modular. Industrial. Secure.

Dubbed "The Cryptocan" - Designed to perform in the harshest of environments. This immersion-cooled industrial grade unit is comprised of 14 individual housing tanks with 18 miners per tank. The system is housed in a 40' shipping container. Capable of producing 27,000TH/s - 36,000TH/s with Antminer S19 Pro's. In-house custom overclocking firmware and mods available to significantly increase system hash rate and reduce length of ROI.

Antminer S19 Pro - 110 TH/s  |  29.5 J/TH ± 5%

3250 Watt  |  Hashing algorithm: SHA-256

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