AIRVAULT - 1/2MW to 1.5MW Packages

Heat Management

The First Law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. That means that all the energy generated by mining bitcoin cannot simply vanish. Instead, that energy is turned into heat.

Managing heat exhaustion from bitcoin mining machines, or ASICs, is a key part of miner operations maintenance. Miners typically choose between an air cooling or immersion cooling system. Air cooled systems are a cost effective way to mine bitcoin. Our system was specially designed to make the most efficient use of airflow for increased cooling capabilities.

AIRVAULT - Industrial, Modular, Secure

Introducing the Cryptotherm V-Wing Air Vault, capable of housing up to 420 Antminer S19's or up to 504 Whatsminer M30's. Built in Calgary, Canada with robust materials and air mining technology for optimal cooling and efficiency. Highly customizable for tailored configurations. An investment for increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and exceptional Canadian quality.

Online Product Preview

Air-cooled Cryptotherm rig.

From design to production, we've got your mining needs covered!